Zoloche International School is located in a picturesque Zoloche cottage town in a clean ecological area. The school provides round-the-clock security and video surveillance. A comfortable transfer and a balanced diet are organized for our students during the day.

Zoloche International School is a modern educational system with many effective curricula. We take the best of the educational methods of Ukraine and Europe for the development of a multifaceted personality in each child. 

Zoloche is the school with a bilingual educational system where learning allows you to immerse yourself in the language environment and learn English with a visiting native teacher certified by the International Cambridge Primary and Secondary Programmes, studying subjects in a foreign language. The Cambridge International program is harmoniously combined with the Ukrainian educational programme. 

If you are considering progressive private schools in Kyiv, Zoloche International School will be the best choice for your child. The academic achievements of the school were highly appreciated by hundreds of parents, and the Organizing Committee of the National Business Rating in Ukraine awarded the Zoloche International School the “Leader of the Year 2017” certificate and awarded the school with the Medal of Honour.


Bilingual education

Daily immersion in an English-speaking environment works much more effectively than traditional learning of a foreign language at school. The bilingual system at Zoloche School combines two programmes: the standard state programme and the International Cambridge Primary & Secondary programmes.
This symbiosis is achieved through a combined approach that allows studying the subjects of both the Ukrainian state programme and the International Cambridge education system.


The Cambridge Primary & Secondary Programmes

The motto of the Cambridge International programme is: “We prepare the students for life by helping them to develop a conscious interest and sustained interest in learning”.

Today, about 1 million students from 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries are taught according to the Cambridge Primary & Secondary programmes.

The Cambridge International programme is an international standard and a truly global approach. As the largest and one of the oldest examination boards in the world, it enables the students whose first language is not English to think and speak it competently and confidently. That is why the programmes of Cambridge are recognized worldwide as the best preparation ways for students for their higher education, career and life in future.

The methods of Cambridge programmes are aimed at increasing proactivity of the students, their motivation and the development of their critical thinking. The opportunity to study according to the methods of the Cambridge programmes and at the same time according to Ukrainian methods allows children to think much more broadly, deeply, and to be a cosmopolitan – a person of the world. All Cambridge Primary & Secondary textbooks and additional resources are adapted to the most popular and up-to-date standards in world education.

State secondary education

Zoloche School provides primary and basic secondary education according to the state standard programme which is confirmed by the License from the Department of Education and Science of the Kyiv Regional State Administration (№ 240 dated June 9, 2016).

We have gathered the best professionals with extensive teaching experience, who actively implement not only commonly used, but also innovative teaching methods. Our team includes the coaches and the methodologists of “NUS” (New Ukrainian School) and “Intellect of Ukraine”. Our teachers constantly improve their professional skills by attending the best trainings, conferences, master-calsses and workshops. This allows to achieve high standards of school education.

Interactive learning

Active teaching methods is a modern and effective approach to acquiring knowledge. The interactive involves the participation and involvement of the student in the process. This is achieved not only by using the standard lecture material, but also via visual aids, tablets, projectors, simulators. During the lesson various business games, stage performances and collective discussions are actively practiced. Interactive learning allows you to learn the material on a more profound level, to develop creative skills and to stimulate the desire for knowledge.

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Educational methods

Білінгвальна освіта

Згідно з останніми дослідженнями вчених, білінгвальне освіта є кращою моделлю освіти ХХI століття, яке сприяє формуванню ефективної міжкультурної комунікації у дітей шкільного віку. Принципи білінгвального - основа освітньої системи Zoloche International School.


Програма «Інтелект України»

"Інтелект України", як самостійна програма, була створена в 2006 році. Основи викладання – точність часу навчання, активність, різноманітність. Тому на уроках діти дивляться відеоматеріали, періодично проводять фізкультхвилинки, вивчають гуманітарні та математичні науки, творчо розвиваються.


Програма «ТРВЗ»

ТВВЗ – теорія вирішення винахідницьких задач. Програма спрямована на розвиток творчого мислення в будь-якому напрямку. Це дозволяє дітям з легкістю йти по життю і швидко адаптуватися до будь-яких умов.