Quarantine is not the reason to stop studying at  Zoloche International School.  On the contrary, is a cool challenge for students and teachers! After all, it is 2020 and humanity has found greart resources to sort out this problem. This solution is online classes using Zoom, Skype and Google Class. Each teacher is able to organize distance learning in the most interesting and effective manner!

The experience of distance learning in the world proves that schools in most of the countries have understood the growing trend of the epidemic and are gradually switching to e-learning. We wish all the students of Zoloche International School and their parents good health, inspiration and success! We are proud of you!

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Season`s Greetings

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Halloween at Zoloche International School has turned out to be amazingly bright and fun this year! Both children and adults have had a cool opportunity to become fabulous whimsical creatures and have fun as a part of the global community. Heroes of your favorite fairy tales and films such as batmen, supermen, princesses, jokers were...

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Autumn Family Festival 2019

Dear children, parents and teachers! We are pleased to announce that a wonderful photo report from the Autumn Family Festival is ready! The photos are awsome, they captured all the sweet moments of a great family holiday!) Thank you for sharing the joy of celebration with us!)))

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Preschool education

The international kindergarten Zoloche is a part of Zoloche international private school. It provides all conditions for the full development in the preschool period.  The international kindergarten Zoloche has a reputation of one of the best preschool institutions in Kiev and Kiev region. We have achieved this success due to the effective application of the...

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Bilingual education

Zoloche is the first bilingual school in Ukraine that combines the traditions of Ukrainian and international education with academic immersion in the language environment. The international educational program provides an opportunity to prepare our students for admission to the best universities in the world.   Benefits and uniqueness All parents want to give their children...

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