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Victoria Davydenko

Victoria Davydenko is a talented primary school teacher. She is a kind fairy for her students, perpetual motion engine and inexhaustible energizer. Besides, Mrs. Victoria is a person with sincere soul and cheerful temper.

- What is the way to lay solid, quality and reliable educational foundations for each student? 

- One single standard recipe just doesn’t exist, for every person is unique. Being a primary school teacher already in the second generation, I apply in my life many elements of both new methods and those tested by time and experience. Primary area of education is extremely important for every person, because it’s a solid foundation for further education that is acquired by people throughout their life.

- Does the teacher’s personality influence his students? 

- Yes, it surely does. I started to work as a teacher of Ukrainian studies and Fine Arts in the secondary school classes. And each new grade 5 student who came to my class had the character features and habits of his first teacher. This discovery helped me to realize that children have to be shown a good example of friendly attitude to each other, taught to forgive others, because all of us have a right to make mistakes and a chance to correct them. I teach children to be tolerant; teaching them to analyze their own actions and feelings I offer them opportunity to imagine themselves as a flower or a brunch that has been mercilessly broken, or a child who’s been hurt. On the other hand, I teach the kids that when everything goes well you want to rejoice and have fun! It’s hard for many people to admit their own mistakes, and it’s even harder to ask for forgiveness for these mistakes. I teach children by my own example, “making mistakes” in my statements, offering solutions give children opportunity to correct these “mistakes” and tell them I’m sorry for it. We read and discuss a lot of different books, share our impressions on various movies, songs and other art items. That’s when the children have a chance to express their opinion, share their views as adults. It’s very important for a primary school teacher to communicate with his children at the same level, speak to them as equal. This way kid would feel confident in social world and freely speak about what they think and listen to the views of others. Besides, they won’t have any stereotypes as far as inviolability of someone else’s opinion is concerned.

- Speaking about learning, the most important process in school, how to make the children excited and willing to learn?

- We enjoy doing what we can do; yet, we tend to hate doing what we don’t understand. But all the children are very much different. What is the way to make the material learned by everyone? That’s where I apply various methods of playing, use interesting messages; I also integrate the knowledge of kids from different subjects and their real life experience. One of the leading methods is the method of advanced learning proposed by S. M. Lysenkova. This method takes into consideration the peculiarities  of every child and gives opportunity to create the situation of success for everyone, when children have time and possibility to gain the knowledge and skills they will need in future. Come to children with love and goodness, with positive attitude as well – and the world around will shine with joyful smiles of people who are able to be successful and happy, and who can share their achievements with the whole world.

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