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Iryna Mylokost

Iryna Mylokost – is not only creative teacher of Science, but a talented scientist and caring class-room teacher. Creativity and innovations are always where Mrs. Iryna is!

- Which methods of teaching do you apply?

- The key concept of modern person’s development is education. There are many educational systems: common or dubious, repeatedly tested or authorized. But, in my opinion, a good teacher just cannot possibly apply the same methods in each particular class.

- Are you an emotional person?

- Work of a teacher is a hard multifaceted job that always has some space not only for dry theory, but for the experiments and even emotions and feelings. It’s especially applicable to the teacher of Science and Mathematics.

- You are teaching a few subjects in Science & Maths. What are the advantages of such approach?

- I cannot call my teaching a famous Scandinavian method. However, stable inter-subject connections between physics, chemistry, computer science, economics and mathematics, of course, can only be ensured when all the subjects are taught on a personal level. The teacher knows all peculiarities of each student mastering his subjects and can adjust these subjects and programmes, so that they would be linked and learned better by the students.

- What do you learn the mathematics for?

- You know, parents often ask me whether it’s really necessary to learn mathematics. I can give you only one answer: mathematics teaches your brain to make logical conclusions, calculate you steps way ahead, develops your logical thinking and makes it flexible. Probability that one might not need to apply rational fractions in life is 95%, but solving these problems will teach a child to predict the results of their actions and build up logical chains that will help them a lot to make very important and challenging decisions in their lives in future.

- Why are lessons of computer science and financial literacy so important?

- Our dream is to raise up an educated person, who is not afraid of modern technologies and innovations, and won’t be confused during any financial operations.

- What recommendations would you give to the participants of educational process?

- As far as the recommendations are concerned, they can be divided into three groups:

1. For children. You learn to become independent, fully developed, intelligent personality, able to become a leader. Responsibility for your failures and successes fully rests on your shoulders. The main task of a student is to absorb the knowledge given by their teachers, for they give it together with a particle of their soul. It is you who need this. 
2. For parents. Participate in the life of your children. Check yourself, how well you know the views, interests and opinion of your child. Your child needs to see not only a purse in your hands; your child needs to see a person who is competent in all areas of life, who can do and knows a lot, who knows the child, can support, pay attention and understand. Authority of parents is an essential part of child’s up-bringing. But don’t impose your opinion. What’s really important is your authority. 
3. For teachers. You are those people with whom the child spends more than half of his time. Task of the teacher is not just to teach a subject and then leave the class-room. Teacher plays active part in a life of her students: she is a friend, a second mom, an instructor and a counselor. If you want your children to learn, learn together with them. If you want them to dance, dance with them, for important is this: a child will do not as you say; he or she will always do as you do.

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