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Inna Roskoshna

Inna Roskoshna is a teacher with new way of thinking, optimist by her convictions who sees the school life with all its challenges and diversities; she understands the character of children and senses their sensitive souls.

- What is your creative credo?

- All my activities are directed at achieving one main purpose – to create conditions for development of children who came to school, development of a child’s individual world. My creative credo sounds like this: “From creative teacher to gifted student”.

- Which system would you choose for implementing your experience?

- Change of goals in education determines new priorities: first of all, it’s a person, personality able for self-development and self-realization. That’s why I have chosen the system of extraordinary lessons and I also work at the following topic: “Organization of educational process through creativity of the students and individual experience of accomplishing extraordinary tasks”.

- The first teacher is very important in life of everyone. It must be quite challenging to teach a child to gain knowledge?

- It’s always difficult to start, of course. One needs to create certain conditions during the lesson, so that educational process would be interesting, exciting and joyful. Then any hardships would be easily overcome, as it you are playing. When we begin to study new material, I systematically create quest situations, teach children to express their thoughts and treat opinion of others with respect, and most, important, not to be afraid to make mistakes. I lead children into the world of knowledge gradually teaching them to think in abstract way and act in practical way. I teach them to correlate development of visual and intuitive components of thinking.

- How do your lessons look like?

- Every lesson is like a short movie. I do my best to create an atmosphere of a team game, where results of the participants are a bonus for their teams, as well as personal development for every child. Besides, these are all emotionally coloured educational games, when the students search for the ideas to solve various problem situations. These are projects where every child has a chance to express himself and teach his class-mates something new. These are also group and pair activities that teach the kids to work in a team and be responsible as far as the quality of their completed assignments is concerned. As a result, children use unlimited resources of human mind, get more and more confident in their abilities, learn to show respect to their work that turns into creativity venture.

- What atmosphere reigns in your lessons?

- Our atmosphere and moods are always lifted up and positively charged, surely accompanied by sincere smiles. The teacher of primary school is an actor. You need to play your role well, so that the kids would believe you, entrust you, follow you and surpass you! And the highest praise for me is when my students give me a hug and say that I’m the best teacher in the world!

- What would you recommend to the participants of educational process? How would you prepare the students for democratic, economic and productive life in ХХІ century in the best way?

- All of us, teachers, students and parents are one organism which is supposed to function in unity and precisely well. 
The main task of the students is to learn to effectively gain knowledge and think in a critical way. Children need to be able to perceive new information and thoroughly and critically study it. They have to learn to analyze this information and to act according to the value or usefulness of it. The students have to be able to study new ideas, express their own thinking regarding these ideas, as well as to evaluate and determine general value of these ideas based on their own needs.
The main task of the parents is to support your child, give him your wise advice, show respect to his opinion and accept your child as he is, as a unique personality. Inspire your child for creative quest, show with your example that you are not indifferent to your child’s achievements and certain results in his life and appreciate great effort she or he makes. Give the most precious to your child – your time; be a counselor, a friend and a teacher for your child. 
To my colleagues I’d like to wish to always have shining sun in your souls, the light that will warm these little people in your life – your students. Your sincere smiles, kind heart, drive, fantasy, skillfulness motivate our kids to be the best of all! May your wisdom and mercy plant the seeds of kindness & goodness in their heads. And may every day they live make sense! Then your students will confidently walk along this life creating, inspiring and reaching out to accomplish their goals!!!

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