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Speech therapist

Many believe that the speech therapist corrects only the defects of the pronunciation of the sounds. In fact, such correction is only the tip of the ice-berg. Speech therapists deal with all speech impairments: lack of speech, general speech underdevelopment, speech abnormalities due to organic lesions of the cerebral cortex,

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Potapenko Tatyana Nikolaevna

Speech therapy is not a profession, it is a way of life. This means a lot of work and plenty of joyful victories.
Speech occupies a central place in the process of the child's mental development and is internally associated with the development of his thinking and awareness in general.

Logopedic work is a complex dynamic process that provides for a comprehensive work in certain areas:

1. Examination and diagnostics of a child's speech.
2. Correction work:
• clarification and development of the lexical side of speech;
• the formation of grammatical skills and abilities;
• development of phonemic processes;
• the formation of correct pronunciation of sounds and their introduction into a coherent speech;
• development of small and general motor skills;
• development of speech breathing (if necessary).
3. Conducting informative activities among the teachers and parents.

Forms of work:
• individual logopedic classes;
• the front-end speech therapy sessions

Logopedic work is based on the following principles:

1. Personal orientation - orientation towards the child, their psycho-emotional characteristics.
2. Emotional support - creating an emotionally comfortable environment in a class.
3. Interaction with the parents and educators.
4. The game context of the classes - the formation of positive motivation for learning.

The effectiveness of corrective exercises depends very much on meeting the following conditions:
- systematic conduct;
- distribution of tasks in order of increasing complexity;
- submission of the exercises to the chosen goal;
- alternation and variation of exercises;
- teaching of being attentive to one’s language.

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