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The purpose of the psychological service at Zoloche International School is to provide psychological conditions that contribute to the maximum mental and personal development of each child.

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Psychological service contents:

1. Psychological education - the involvement of teachers and parents in psychological knowledge.

2. Psychological preventive measures - the psychologist constantly works at the prevention of possible distress in the mental and personal development of a person.

3. Psycho-counseling – helping to solve the problems which arise between teachers, pupils and parents.

4. Psychodiagnostics – the penetration into the inner world of a school-child. The results of the survey provide information that shows if correction of the student is needed and if preventative or counseling work is effective.

5. Psycho-correction - elimination of abnormalities.

The psychologist, cooperating with children, carries out:

1. Diagnostics of the child's psychological readiness for school, the identification of first-graders, whose personal, emotional-volitional, intellectual, behavioral components of psychological readiness for schooling are not formed. Creates conditions for their successful adaptation.

2. Identification of children having difficulty adapting to an educational institution, creating conditions for rapid adaptation.

3. Provides diagnostics of the abnormalities in the intellectual development of children, finds out the causes of these disorders and determines the optimal conditions for further personal development.

4. Studying the characteristics of the personal development of children prone to conflict, aggression, inadequate actions, and also those who have problems in interacting with peers and teachers. A practical psychologist determines the reasons for such deviations and the possibility of their elimination.

5. Prevention of the emergence of neuroses and deviant behavior by identifying children with a psychological predilection for such behaviors and organizes appropriate psychological and pedagogical work aimed at reducing risk indicators.

6. Psychological counseling, examination of individual psychological qualities of individual children and their level of mental development.

7. Organization of facultative work or trainings aimed at the formation of necessary psychological concepts in children, development of self-awareness, stimulation of self-education, self-improvement; discussion of psychological problems.

The cooperation of the psychologist with the parents provides for:

1. Propagation of psychological knowledge. Expansion and deepening of the parents' ideas about the regularity of the child's psychological development.

2. Individual consultations on the parents request.

3. Psychological counseling when problems of the child's mental development are caused by problems in the parents themselves.

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