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Where can you learn to master your voice,

improve your diction, and develop your acting skills? InDramaStudio, ofcourse! School theatre… A kind smile will illuminate the faces of everybody who hears these words, and one would feel warm and romantic in his heart…

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Throughout history the theatre has been associated with something good, noble and beautiful. The theatre educates the child, and the school theatre is a unique opportunity to develop the best human qualities in a child, where inexhaustible childish fantasy can be expressed. The main thing is that children acing on stage learn to see the beauty in art, in life, and to experience real joy through fellowship with each other. Why do we admire watching actors on stage? Why do we sometimes even fall in love with them? What do they know that we don’t know? The students of the Drama Studio will give answers to these and other questions. We invite you to join them!

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