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Bulah Iryna

Teacher of Mathematics, Basics of Life Safety, ICT
Work experience: 6 year

Subject (s) - Mathematics, Basics of Life Safety Study, Science, ICT, Physics

Current Position ​ - Teacher of Mathematics, Basics of Life Safety, ICT

•    University -
Chernigiv National Teachers Training University named after Shevchenko
•    Graduation Year - 2010
•    Specialty - Pedagogics & Methods of Secondary Education
•    Diploma Qualification - Physics. Master of Education. Teacher of Physics, Basics of ICT, Astronomy & Life Safety Study

Qualification Category: І Category, 2016

Teaching Experience (Full Years): 6

Professional Credo: Give instructions only to those who after they discover their ignorance seek knowledge. Teach only those who discover one angle of a square can imagine other three. The most important is to teach children to think and to analyse.

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