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Advantages of Zoloche private kindergarten

  • Effective techniques for child development.
  • Profound learning of English from 3 years old and lessons according to the International Cambridge Pre-Primary Programme from the age of 4. 
  • Wisely balanced daily routine that combines rest, activity and studies.
  • Location of a kindergarten in an ecologically clean area, in a cottage village in the suburbs of Kiev.
  • Full course meals 5 times a day.
  • Highly qualified medical staff.
  • Individual approach and optimal development trajectory for each child.

Our groups

There are 3 groups in Zoloche International Kindergarten  

The best professionals, friendly and cozy atmosphere are waiting for your kids!

Nursery (3–4 years old)

In the Nursery group under the guidance of a certified teacher, our children learn English every day.

Reception I (4–5 years old)

In Reception I children continue to learn English, but in accordance with the certified Cambridge Primary International Programme.

Reception II (5–6 years old)

The main advantage of the Reception II group is full preparation for school with a bilingual programme.

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Classes and daily routine of the Nursery middle group (3-4 years old)

3-4 years old is the age of full socialization and the time when you need to actively develop a child’s memory. Therefore, English classes in this group are held daily and the child already confidently distinguishes a foreign language, memorizes words, whole expressions and gradually begins to formulate simple phrases and sentences. Classes are taught by a certified English teacher. The teachers in the class-room focus on:

  • preparing hands for writing;
  • study of the world around us;
  • basics of mathematics;
  • logic;
  • musical development and choreography;
  • ethics, eidetics;
  • Lego (construction);
  • physical education, choreography.

Taking into consideration particular psychological characteristics and character of each child, each student is treated individually. 

Particular attention is paid to the pronunciation of the sounds. Experienced speech therapist deals with this matter. At the age of 3-4 years it is important to have correct pronunciation and to prevent speech problems, which is the basis of successful learning in school.

Classes and daily routine in the group Reception I (4-5 years old)

Reception I begins to study English according to the International Cambridge Pre-Primary programme. It involves complete immersion in the language environment and preparation for the group Reception II:

Half of the day the children are taught by the kindergarten teacher according to the Ukrainian program. The other half of the day the children are taught by a certified English teacher.

In Reception I group children learn English, learn the basics of mathematics and the world around them in English. The kindergarten teacher actively works at children’s development of speech, literacy, reading skills and prepares their hand for writing. Besides, there are classes of: 

  • choreography;
  • lessons of logical thinking;
  • eidetics;
  • music;
  • Lego (construction);
  • physical education and choreography;
  • interesting games on attention;
  • basics of mathematics, logic;
  • ethics.

Classes and daily routine in the group Reception II (5-6 years old)

Reception II group is a kind of “zero” group that provides full training for future first-graders and is the final link in education at the Zoloche International Kindergarten. In Reception II the children continue to learn English according to the Cambridge Pre-Primary programme, but on a deeper level. Half of the day, together with an internationally qualified teacher the children learn English, the basics of mathematics and the world around them. The other half of the day is devoted to the classes according to the Ukrainian programme taught by the kindergarten teacher and a primary school teacher. Much attention in the Reception II group is paid to the full preparation for school, as well as to:

  • Creative development: music, ethics, painting.
  • Physical development: physical education, choreography.
  • Intellectual development: literacy, logic, eidetics, Lego (construction), reading, basics of writing and hand preparation for writing, mathematics and the world around us.

Upon graduation from the Reception II the children are fluent in English, can build sentences and communicate. Besides, they have reading and writing skills in both Ukrainian and English.

The learning curriculum in all groups combines the methods of Maria Montessori, Glen Doman, Nikolai Zaitsev, the Nikitins system, Cecil Lupan, as well as the principle of multiple intelligence theory proposed by Howard Gardner. During the classes we use effective mnemonics, eidetics and elements of the pedagogical system of Reggio Emilia.

Tuition fees

The price includes all educational materials, access to the interactive systems and resources and full course meals five times a day.


Nursery Group (3-4 years old)

560$ /month

Reception I Group (4-5 years old)

990$ /month

Reception II Group (5-6 years old)

1150$ /month * Payment is done in hryvnas according to the rate of the National bank of Ukraine on the day of payment.