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Boarding school

The international school "Zoloche International School" is the only educational institution

in Ukraine that implements the traditions of the best boarding schools in the UK.

This is a school where children can not only get bilingual education according

to the international program Cambridge primary & secondary and the state standard

of basic secondary education in Ukraine, as well as live in comfortable cottages located

in the town of VIP class "Zoloche". The boarding school works in the format of full board (

tuition and accommodation in trimesters) and half-board (tuition and accommodation

from Monday to Friday). Stay in English-speaking environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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In Zoloche International School, children have the opportunity to "complete language immersion": half of the day students spend in the study of the subjects of the State Standard of Basic Secondary Education of Ukraine according to the curricula for primary and secondary schools approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, and the other half – with a native English language teacher, studying the subjects of the certified Cambridge International Program: English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


The educational sections of the Basic Primary School curriculum are represented by subjects: Ukrainian language (language and reading), mathematics, natural history, social science (The world around and me), basics of health study, physical culture, music and visual arts, computer science and crafts.

The curriculum of the secondary school implements the educational sections of the Basic Curriculum with the help of the following subjects: mathematics, scientific and natural history, Ukrainian language, foreign and Ukrainian literature, basics of health study, physical culture, music and visual arts, computer science and crafts, as well as the second foreign language (Spanish).

From the 2nd grade our students study the following elective courses: Spanish, Russian, "Financial Literacy".

To maximize the effectiveness of the educational process, we use modern educational technologies and programs:

•    TRIZ (author G. Altshuller) is the theory of solving inventive problems, which forms active thinking and educates a creative person, ready for a non-standard solution of educational and life problems.
•    A method of projects that develops cognitive skills, critical thinking in children, the ability to independently design their knowledge and navigate in the information space.
•    Case method, which is based on the use of specific cases (stories, situations, texts) for general analysis, discussion and decision making by students.
•    The programme "One student - one computer" (author T. Pushkarev) provides a wonderful opportunity for every student of the International School "Zoloche" to work independently on a personal net-book, creating interesting projects.
•    “The Planet of Reasoning” programme (author O. Gis) opens vast spaces for the productive development of logical thinking of elementary school students.
•    The author's experience of the teaching staff of the International School "Zoloche" using the complex program for the development of children "Rostok" (author L.Peterson, T. Pushkareva) at the lessons of mathematics and natural history give excellent results and allow the child to develop new abilities.


During the educational process at the Zoloche International School, highly qualified teachers from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada teach subjects from the certified Cambridge International Programme and pursue a dual goal - to teach the subject while learning a foreign language. To maximize the effectiveness of the learning process, the lessons of the International Program are held simultaneously by two teachers: a native speaker and his assistant. The Cambridge Primary / Secondary program is evaluated during the testing process: Cambridge Primary / Secondary Progression Tests (Cambridge Primary / Secondary Checkpoint), which is conducted by the Cambridge Primary / Secondary Checkpoint.

Development and creativity

Football Academy;

Gymnastics; Jujutsu;

Chess Club;

Hip hop studio;



Big Tenis Club;

Theatre studio;

Journalism studio;

Art photography studio;

Vocal studio.

Education and accommodation

Comfortable rooms in the cottages of the prestigious VIP town class "Zoloche";

Full board (trimester accommodation);

Half board (accommodation Mon-Fri);

24-hour security; English speaking environment 24/7;

Comfortable transportation;

Five meals;

Medical support.

Advantages of the school

A bilingual educational system
New educational technologies
An individual approach in educational process
Located in an ecologically clean area
Onsite supervision from medical staff
Modern material and technical equipment base
Round the clock security and video surveillance

Development and support


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