Additional classes

Developing studios

Zoloche International School employs the best specialists who will help to discover children’s talents. Zoloche International School offers a variety of studios for the full personal development of children:

  • Painting
  • Vocals
  • Hip-hop
  • Own football academy
  • Art Studio
  • Chess Club
  • Eidetica

Zoloche International School provides an excellent chance to take up new hobbies and interests. Together we raise successful and talented children!


According to Pablo Picasso, every child is an artist. The only difficulty is to remain an artist during your life. We invite young talents to join the Painting studio of Zoloche International School! Our exciting classes will help children form an artistic taste, develop imagination, creative thinking, outlook and fine motor skills.


Have you dreamt about dancing? Do you want to have a slim fit body, be flexible and feel the music? Then join us!

Chess Club

Do you want your child to play chess? Zoloche International School is ready to reveal the secrets of making children fall in love with chess from the first lesson. Children have very good natural abilities.

Football academy

Football is considered to be one of the most beneficial physical activities. It helps children form the habit of constant recreational exercises, sports passion, self-control and responsibility.

Art Studio

Do you love handmade? Then we invite you to the Art Studio of Zoloche International School! Here you can make your own unique jewelry, interesting toys and many spectacular accessories using a variety of materials and techniques! Our Fairy of Handmade, Mrs. Inna, will help you with this!


Would you like your child to have a photographic memory, developed logic, imagination and attention? Then you need to think using associations and images. Our exciting eidetic classes will help children develop incredibly fast, learn new information easily and become a successful person.