Additional classes

Additional classes

В Международной школе «Золоче» работают лучшие специалисты, которые помогут раскрыть таланты вашего ребенка. Международная школа Золоче предлагает разнообразные студии для всестороннего развития детей:

  • Живопись
  • Футбольная академия
  • Театральная студия
  • Бальные танцы
  • Вокал
  • English Speaking Club

Международная школа Золоче дает отличный шанс для формирования новых увлечений и интересов. Вместе мы растим успешных и талантливых детей!

Живопись (с 6 лет)

По словам Пабло Пикассо, каждый ребенок — художник. Трудность в том, чтобы остаться художником, выйдя из детского возраста. Приглашаем юных дарований в студию живописи Международной школы Золоче! Наши увлекательные занятия помогут ребятам сформировать художественный вкус, развить воображение и образное мышление, кругозор и мелкую моторику. (

Футбольная академия (от 4 лет)

Одним из наиболее полезных видов спорта можно считать футбол. Он формирует у детей привычку постоянных оздоровительных нагрузок, спортивный азарт, самоконтроль и ответственность.

Theatre studio

The theatre studio of Zoloche International School will help children to be confident and open communicating with peers; improve diction, memory and attention; expand their worldview; develop their creative abilities.
Under the guidance of a professional actor of drama theater, children will develop rhythm, listening, interaction, and imagination in a fun and engaging way.
Young actors will demonstrate their talents at shows and performances.

Ballroom dancing studio

Ballroom dancing will only benefit your child. It contributes to the proper development of the developing body: improves coordination, corrects posture , and results in an elegant gait.
In addition, ballroom dance develops rhythm, artistic skills, and the ability to conduct oneself with confidence. Ballroom dance classes promote discipline: children become more independent and organized.
The instructor is a bronze medalist of the World Championship of 10 dances, a finalist of the World Dance Festival Blackpool, a champion of Ukraine in the Latin American program and 10 dances. She is a coach with 12 years of experience. Her pupils are winners and prize-winners of Ukrainian championships and international competitions.

Vocal studio

Do your children love music and want to develop their creative abilities?
Zoloche International School's vocal studio will help your child form their aesthetic taste. By joining our vocal studio, your child will improve their attractiveness, strength, range, expressiveness, musicality in singing and speech, as well as discover new abilities.
The head of the studio is a professional, with whom children will happily immerse themselves in the wonderful and exciting world of music.
Visit us! Maybe your child will discover a hidden talent they didn't know they had

English Readers' Club

Mr. Matt Valin is an experienced teacher from the USA and the head of the Cambridge Primary & Secondary program, runs an English Reading Club for students in grades 1-2 of Zoloche International School.
Reading club is a great way to conduct a non-standard lesson, instill a culture of reading and increase the reader's motivation to learn English.
We are sure that your children will enjoy reading books, following the stories of their favorite characters and discovering new works. And if the club is online, it is even more convenient. You can comfortably settle down at home and off you go - to new reading adventures!