Questions and answers

Do we need to buy a school uniform for a child?

Yes. We require an official style of school clothes: navy blue trousers, a jacket and a shirt in light colors for boys and a navy blue skirt and jacket (sundress), a blouse in light colors for girls. Friday is a day without school uniform, when children are dressed comfortably.

How to enter your school?

The child is admitted to the first grade after an interview with a qualified psychologist, who will assess his psychological readiness for school. After that, there is an interview with the future teachers of the 1st grade: a Ukrainian teacher and a native English speaker. The teachers will get to know the child and give recommendations to his parents in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.  The children who join the second grade and other grades, in addition to an interview with a psychologist, write tests in mathematics, Ukrainian and English.

To schedule an interview, you need to call the school at +380674021407 and choose approptiate meeting time with the administrator. The administrator will also be able to answer most of your questions.

What are your meals look like?

We have high quality balanced meals throughout the school day: breakfast, II breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Tasty dishes are prepared by a professional chef in compliance with all sanitary standards. The meals are healthy, since  foods from our own eco-farm are used.


Is it possible to choose only the International or Ukrainian program for studying?

No, our curriculum is based on the bilingual principles.

Does the school have a specialization?

Our school meets all international standards, namely multi-profile. At the primary and secondary stage, we provide  substantive comprehensive education. Our educational standards are more unique than the state ones due to various modern European methods, technologies, means of bilingual education, additional courses and extracurricular activities. We have a high level of English, mathematics and  ICT, a serious science block (biology, physics, chemistry), an exciting creative block (painting, art, music, choreography).