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About School

It’s been many years now that Zoloche International School has been successfully using a unique method of teaching children English from an early age, based on full immersion in the language environment. Our students spend the first half of the day with the certified Cambridge Primary and Secondary teachers studying the International block of the Programme. In the afternoon, the subjects are taught by experienced Ukrainian teachers in accordance with the state standards of Ukraine.

What makes us different from other schools?

Zoloche International School is located in a picturesque, environmentally friendly area of the suburbs of Kiev. We organize a full healthy diet for your children during the day, provide video surveillance and full support. There are different studios on the territory of the school. If necessary, you can get consultations of a professional psychologist and a speech therapist.

Our school was created to instill in children an interest in science and foreign languages, to help them acquire maximum knowledge and gain vital competencies. Our efforts are aimed at enabling the child to become a confident native speaker, a well-developed personality with leadership skills.

Among the unique peculiarities of Zoloche are:

  • Bilingual educational program.
  • Individual approach to each student by forming small classes.

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Our mission


Learning to be leaders

Our mission is to educate and raise up a comprehensively developed, competitive, successful individual with leadership skills and vital competencies.

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