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About Us


Zoloche International School is a jewel of the Ukrainian education system, which is conveniently located in a picturesque corner of the Zoloche cottage town.



The Zoloche International Kindergarten successfully employs 3 groups: Reception I, Reception II and Preschool - for children from 3 to 6 years. In our kindergarten there is an atmosphere of home comfort, love and care for children.



Zoloche International School offers a unique bilingual program that provides a harmonious combination of subjects of the International Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary Programmes and the Ukrainian State Standard of Education.


Our advantages

Ability to learn subjects in two languages

The bilingual education system harmoniously combines two educational programmes: the International Cambridge Primary & Cambridge Secondary Programmes, as well as the State Standard of Basic Secondary Education of Ukraine.

Location in ecologically clean area

The school is located in an ecologically clean suburban area, on the shores of the lake, which allows children to fully experience a comfortable oasis of beauty and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of nature and fresh air.

Modern class-rooms

Our class-rooms are equipped with the latest technological equipment which helps to provide education at the highest level.

Comfortable transfer

A comfortable mini-bus with a qualified driver who has undergone additional training will take your child to school in the shortest possible time and in complete safety.

Complete nutrition during the day

At Zoloche International School we organize a comprehensive balanced diet developed by a professional nutritionist and provided throughout the school day.

Full immersion in the language environment

We have professional teachers who are native speakers of English, which allows children to overcome the language barrier, speak fluently and have the correct accent, as well as fully immerse themselves in an intercultural environment.

Friendly atmosphere

Zoloche International School is a small cozy family-type school, where there is friendship, respect for each other and its own traditions and holidays.


Season`s Greetings

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Online classes

 Quarantine is not the reason to stop studying at  Zoloche International School.  On the contrary, is a cool challenge for students and teachers! After all, it is 2020 and humanity has found greart resources to sort out this problem. This solution is online classes using Zoom, Skype and Google Class. Each teacher is able to...

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Halloween at Zoloche International School has turned out to be amazingly bright and fun this year! Both children and adults have had a cool opportunity to become fabulous whimsical creatures and have fun as a part of the global community. Heroes of your favorite fairy tales and films such as batmen, supermen, princesses, jokers were...

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Autumn Family Festival 2019

Dear children, parents and teachers! We are pleased to announce that a wonderful photo report from the Autumn Family Festival is ready! The photos are awsome, they captured all the sweet moments of a great family holiday!) Thank you for sharing the joy of celebration with us!)))

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Preschool education

The international kindergarten Zoloche is a part of Zoloche international private school. It provides all conditions for the full development in the preschool period.  The international kindergarten Zoloche has a reputation of one of the best preschool institutions in Kiev and Kiev region. We have achieved this success due to the effective application of the...

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Admission process

Acquaintance with the school

Learn more about our school by reading the information on the website or from the presentation.

Making an appointment

An Interview

After the meeting, you will receive an invitation to an interview for your child to enter our school.

Confirmation of joining the school.

After the interview, if you want to book a place, you need to confirm your intention of accepting your child to our school.