Zoloche International School – Secondary School

Secondary Zoloche School (Years 5 - 9) – 2nd Stage of Educational System

The Curriculum of Secondary Zoloche School

schoolcombines two educational programs:

  • International Program “Cambridge Secondary”
  • Ukrainian State Standard Program of Basic Secondary Education

In upbringing of the younger generation Zoloche International School combines the traditions of two cultures:

  • European and
  • Classical National Education

The program “Cambridge Secondary” has been developed for the children aged from 12 to 15 years old and it gives schools the opportunity to use the curriculum that provides the development of key learning competences of a student, as well as understanding of such subjects as English, Mathematics and Science

In this program evaluation of learning achievements of the students is done during assessment period. There are two kinds of assessments to choose from:

  • Cambridge Secondary Progression Tests (internal assessment);
  • Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint (assessment organized by Cambridge Examination Board)

The assessment tests of “Cambridge Secondary” program incorporate international educational standards which deserves special confidence and trust of the parents.

Teaching of the Ukrainian curriculum of the basic secondary education provides adhering to high academic standards.

Stages of Education at Zoloche International School

Степени образования в Zoloche International School