Zoloche International School – is a high quality, private school and preschool.

Золоче SchoolZoloche International School is designed to meet each child's individual needs in every stage of development.

Level I - Pre-school and  Kindergarten (Early Years  Program)

Level II -  Primary school

Our vision is to impart a love for learning and to equip our students with the necessary skills needed to be successful in an ever-changing, modern and global world.  Our Cambridge program and certification provides students with the opportunity to join the international community with furthering their education both at home and abroad. 

We offer:

  • a creative team of highly qualified teachers to meet the needs of your children
  • an individual approach to each child in a class with teacher student ratio 1:15
  • a balanced curriculum with a choice of extended-day activities
  • foreign language studies
  • an English-speaking environment with teachers who are native English speakers
  • a guarded and safe environment inside and outside of the premises
  • video surveillance and rooms equipped with cameras to view your child from home
  • a comfortable and supportive environment to enhance creativity– a key to success for both teachers and students

Modern software, equipment and services

Top-quality designers have created a beautiful atmosphere and comfort both inside and outside of our school:

  • interactive whiteboards and laptops are used in the learning process 
  • labs and classes are specialized according to interests
  • top-brand learning games and toys
  • light and comfortable rooms and bedrooms, equipped with wood furniture
  • spacious classrooms  with orthopedic desks and chairs
  • auditorium and gymnasium, choreographic studio, art room, and library
  • recreation and sports facilities on a football fiield and five playgrounds 
  • daily school bus service, as well as field trips