Early Development Program

Children are initially born talented and inquisitive. The key to the young - to immerse a child in a creative learniing environment.

Do you want your child to be diversified?

Развитие детей - школа развития детей Золоче School Each child is born with unique talents that need to be encouraged and developed.  Given more opportunities in early childhood, children will have more of an opportunity for a richer and fuller life.  By creating versatility in childhood, children will be more prepared for the paths they choose later in life. 

An old style of education is a teacher-centered, authoritative form, where a child's age, giftings and abilities are not taken into consideration.

That is why our Early Development Program at Zoloche is unique, where all resources and programs are designed with your child in mind.  We respect and appreciate your child's individuality and are always willing to help them become a unique and versatile personality.

The early development program presents your child with fun-filled activities while learning, interesting events, new knowledge and skills.

Speech and language development

Speech and language development includes the development of speech, action games, games to develop thinking skills and memory training, and creative activities and crafts.

Math / Logic

Math / Logic activities are designed to develop logical and creative thinking, and memory training.

Modeling, applique, painting

Children practice modeling, applique, painting and drawing, using different techniques and work with natural materials and a puppet theater.


Give your child a wonderful experience and an opportunity for comprehensive development!